Harassment & Hateful Behavior

Yubo is a place for people to socialize. We want people to be able to freely express themselves, but it’s important that expression doesn’t harm or hurt other people’s experiences. You can express yourself and your beliefs and opinions without demeaning or making others feel bad. Harassment and hateful or hurtful behavior can be damaging, especially to young people. That’s why we have zero-tolerance for harassment and hateful or hurtful behavior. To protect our diverse community we created these guidelines to help make an environment that everyone can enjoy.

Hateful Behavior

All users should show respect towards each other. Hateful behavior of any kind is prohibited. This includes mocking, insulting, and degrading others based on.

Harassment & Abusive Behavior

Bullying, harassment, and other abusive or hurtful behavior are strictly not allowed. Users should always be respectful of each other.

Below is a list of examples of what constitutes harassment and abusive behavior.

Threats and Violence

Discriminatory Behavior

Yubo is proud to be a place for people of all races, creeds and backgrounds. We have zero tolerance for any discriminatory behavior.

Some examples of discriminatory behavior include.

Non-consensual Sexual Advances

Unwanted sexual advances are never okay and can be a stressful and harmful experience for the other person.

Below are some examples of unwanted sexual advances.

Sexual Violence and Exploitation

Sexual violence and exploitation are strictly not allowed. We report to law enforcement any cases or situations of sexual violence, exploitation or child sexual exploitation.