Cookies Policy

Our cookies policy explains what is the technology known as “Cookies”, what kinds of cookies we use on the YUBO application, and how you can refuse them. This policy is integral to and must be read in conjunction with our Privacy Policy.

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files installed and stored on your device (tablet, smartphone, computer, etc.), according to your choices, during your session on a website or when you use a mobile app for example. They can also be other technologies used for similar purposes, like the login details associated with your device.

All these technologies are defined in this Cookies Policy as “Cookies”.

2. What are cookies for?

Depending on your choices, which you can modify at any time, Yubo may use cookies to:

3. Identification of cookies and how to make your choices

If you want to systematically refuse all cookies listed below, click here.

You can choose to refuse cookies at any time, either via the table below or through the settings on your device (see section 5 below).

Refusing all or part of the cookies is likely to change the way you access the Yubo application and our services that require the use of cookies. That’s why we recommend you check the reason for the cookies before you refuse them. In some cases, we decline any responsibility resulting from your refusal of cookies and which may result in reduced functionality of the Yubo Application and our services related to it.

You can find a list of cookies that we use for the Yubo Application below, as well as an easy way to refuse them.

Type of CookiesData sharingPeriod of validityRefusal
Bug tracking

UID: Unique Yubo Identifier
Firebase13 monthsYou can click here or edit your Settings > Safety and privacy > Personalization and data > Bug tracking
Audience measurement


Android : Google Advertiser ID

13 monthsYou can click here or edit your Settings > Safety and privacy > Personalization and data > Analytics

A new version of these cookies is required to be installed, this information will be regularly updated.

If you want to refuse the use of login details on your device you can follow the uninstall procedure offered by your device or check the instructions supplied by the manufacturer of the device (normally found in the “Settings” menu of your device). This procedure is specific to your operating system.

4. Geolocation

Some data, in particular, related to the physical location of the device, may be sent to us by your mobile device. In particular, these will allow your city to be shown on your profile and/or to suggest you friend people from your city or your country.

The collection of geolocation data is subject to your prior consent when you download or launch the Yubo Application. You can refuse Yubo access to your data when you launch the Application. Your choice can be modified free of charge at any time.

You can set your operating system settings to block geolocation.

On your iOS and Android Yubo apps, you can also follow the following steps in your settings:

Last updated: 26 February 2020